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It seems that this feature is very poorly documented.In the Geometry Shader tutorials in the DirectX SDK there is no example of using CreateGeometryShaderWithStreamOutput and there are no threads anywhere that explain the basics of it.In msdn they say what functions to use to create it,but not how and what it's used for.Is there anyone who has successfully used it,can you share a small example or a link to a tutorial for it?What's it used for and is it good performance wise?As far as I understood,it's used for GPU-based frustum culling?

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You can find 2 examples in the DirectX SDK (In the directX 10 section)

  • PipesGS
  • ParticlesGS

You can also check the NVidia samples:

Rain and Metaballs are using stream out

All those samples are on dx10, but they fairly easy to port to dx11 (just few bits to replace).

There's quite several usages for it (non exhaustive list):

  • Dynamic particles
  • Model pre-processing (skinning, displacement,tesselation). So you can apply displacement on your model once, then rebind the displaced model to several passes (shadow map/material...)
  • Model export: generate some geometry in shader, get stream output content back in cpu and export as 3d model.
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