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i'd like to split a string like this "red blue green Dark Blue" into another separated by commas, exactly like this "red, blue, green, Dark Blue".

I already tried a normal function but this outputs "red, blue, green, Dark, Blue". I'd like to join 'Dark' and 'Blue' in a same tag and any other words that have the first letter in uppercase, even if there are more than only two words. Is that possible?

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Yes, but you need to have a dictionary on names of colors. If not you need to have strategy that all colors begin with versals or something. Otherwise, you know... a space is a space is a space... – opaque Sep 26 '12 at 16:57

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$words = explode(' ',$string);
$tags = '';
$tag = '';
foreach($words as $word)
  if(ord($word >=65 and ord($word <=65))
       $tag .= $word.' '; 
   $tags .= $word.',';
$tags = trim($tags,',').trim($tag);
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You can try

    $colors = "red blue green Dark Blue Light green Dark red";
$descriptors = array("dark","light");

$colors = explode(" ", strtolower($colors));
$newColors = array();
$name = "";
foreach ( $colors as $color ) {
    if (in_array(strtolower($color), $descriptors)) {
        $name = ucfirst($color) . " ";
    } else {
        $name .= ucfirst($color);
        $newColors[] = $name;
        $name = "";
var_dump(implode(",", $newColors));


  0 => string 'Red' (length=3)
  1 => string 'Blue' (length=4)
  2 => string 'Green' (length=5)
  3 => string 'Dark Blue' (length=9)
  4 => string 'Light Green' (length=11)
  5 => string 'Dark Red' (length=8)

string 'Red,Blue,Green,Dark Blue,Light Green,Dark Red' (length=45)
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A loop looking for first letter upper cased after explode() on the space should do:

$string = "red blue Dark Green green Dark Blue";
// preg_split() on one or more whitespace chars
$words = preg_split('/\s+/', $string);
$upwords = "";
// Temporary array to hold output...
$words_out = array();

foreach ($words as $word) {
  // preg_match() ins't the only way to check the first character
  if (!preg_match('/^[A-Z]/', $word)) {
    // If you already have a string built up, add it to the output array
    if (!empty($upwords)) {
      // Trim off trailing whitespace...
      $words_out[] = trim($upwords);
      // Reset the string for later use
      $upwords = "";
    // Add lowercase words to the output array
    $words_out[] = $word;

  else {
    // Build a string of upper-cased words
    // this continues until a lower cased word is found.
    $upwords .= $word . " ";
// At the end of the loop, append $upwords if nonempty, since our loop logic doesn't
// really account for this.
if (!empty($upwords)) {
  $words_out[] = trim($upwords);

// And make the whole thing a string again
$output = implode(", ", $words_out);

echo $output;
// red, blue, Dark Green, green, Dark Blue
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Well, if you can count on them being versals in the first character ... – opaque Sep 26 '12 at 17:04

My suggestion would be to have a dictionary of colors, in say lower case. then search the incoming string after words in the dictionary. If a hit add that color to an output string and add a comma character. You would need to remove the found color from the input string.

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Here is my suggestion.. it puts a comma only when required

$var = "roto One Two Three Four koko poko Toeo Towe ";

$var = explode(' ', $var);

$count = count($var);
for($i=0; $i<$count; $i++)  
    if( (ord($var[$i][0]) > 64 and  ord($var[$i+1][0]) > 96) or ord($var[$i][0]) > 96) 
            $var[$i] .=',';

echo $var = implode(' ',$var);  
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