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Somehow I am unable to fire the onerror event or get the code in the onerror to work. This code is an attempt to collect a sequence of images in an array. I am using onerror event in order to mark the end of sequence and thus terminate the loop.

    //definition of Slide object
function Slide(inpImage, imgCaption) {
    this.inpImage = inpImage;
    this.imgCaption = imgCaption;

window.onload = function() {
        var defaultImage = img_slide.src; //This is a default file
        //basically getting the file path and name of next image in the sequence
        var nextImage = f_nextFile(f_path(img_slide.src),f_serial(img_slide.src)); 
        //An array object which stores Slide Objects
        arr_slides.push(new Slide(img_slide,img_slide.src)); 
        while (defaultImage != nextImage){ //code to populate arr_slides array
            var imgObj = new Image();
            imgObj.src = nextImage;
            arr_slides.push(new Slide(imgObj,nextImage));
            //get the next image in the sequence of images
            nextImage = f_nextFile(f_path(nextImage),f_serial(nextImage));
            testImage = function(nextImage,defaultImage){
                            var tester=new Image();
                            tester.onerror = function () {
                                                nextImage = defaultImage;
                            tester.onload = function () {
                                                //do nothing
                            var loadNext = function() {
        alert("The number of images in array : " + arr_slides.length);
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The imgObj doesn't have any onerror handler and the testImage function doesn't load any image. –  Jay Sep 26 '12 at 23:45
i want the onerror to be fired for "tester" image object which is sitting in testImage(). When I am inserting alert() messages in onerror section, it seems to work. But the moment I remove alert(), things go awry. –  h0rryp0tter Sep 27 '12 at 1:06

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