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Following is my part of html code...

Html Code:

<div class="fotter" >
<span style=" float:right;">
<strong>Privacy Policy</strong>&nbsp;&nbsp;                
<strong>Contact Us</strong>&nbsp;&nbsp;                


CSS Code:

padding:10px 0 5px 0;
margin:0 auto; margin-bottom:10px;
height:30px; width:1037px;
float:left; font-family: Verdana, Geneva, sans-serif; font-size:12px;   
box-shadow: 0px 1px 2px #000;
-webkit-box-shadow: -1px 0px 2px #000;
-moz-box-shadow: 0px 5px 2px #000;

and this is my website link.. TO HTML/

My questions is.. In Firefox It's show rounded box with shadow in footer part. BUT in Internet Explorer 8 It's Doesn't show any shadow or rounded box.

Is there any one help me about this.
Thanks in Advance :-)

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IE8 is old and doesn't support it. I wouldn't put too much time in fixing it. Make it look 'good enough' on Ie8 and wait until everyone has upgraded. – GolezTrol Sep 26 '12 at 17:24

The reason is that border-radius isn't supported by IE8.

For this old browser a "solution" is to use images for corners or, more reasonably, to let the users who don't upgrade have square corners.

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a slightly better than rounded corner images IE fix - – Zoltan Toth Sep 26 '12 at 17:20
css3pie will give a lot of side effects, be aware – Giona Sep 26 '12 at 17:23
right @dystroy. – Kanta Sep 26 '12 at 17:36

Border -radius is not supported by IE8 , a way around is it to use plugins , This one is simple and effective,

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well i'm checking it.. – Kanta Sep 26 '12 at 17:22
there is another light weight plugin you may consider – Rahul Sep 26 '12 at 17:36

Another way of doing it would be to have a target css for ie.

you can add it like

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="normal.css" />
<!--[if lte IE 8]> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="ie.css" /> <![endif]-->

In your ie.css you can add background as an image.


div#samepagecontainer {
background : #aaa url(/path/to/image.file) no-repeat top left;
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