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Here in Brasil we have a number named CNPJ with this mask 00.000.000/0000-00, i save this number in SQL like an int column, when i make my reports works fine, so, the fiels appears 00000000000000 how i put like a mask on the field in the report to show like this 00.000.000/0000-00

Thanks by any orientation

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If you're NOT going to need leading zeros then:

local stringvar sample := totext({table.number},0,'');
if length(sample)<>14 then "Handle the error case" else

otherwise, add the leading zeros in:

local stringvar sample := totext({table.number},"00000000000000");
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Must add a Formula Field with this formula mid({imprimePJ;1.doc_cnpj},1,2)+"."+ mid({imprimePJ;1.doc_cnpj},3,3)+"."+ mid({imprimePJ;1.doc_cnpj},6,3)+"/"+ mid({imprimePJ;1.doc_cnpj},9,4)+"-"+mid({imprimePJ;1.doc_cnpj},13,2)

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