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I'm working on a c# application with a sql server 2005 database. what is the best way to convert to decimal a value brought to a datareader from a database, not knowing if the value that is coming from the base is a decimal or is a bigint ?

        if (dataReader.IsDBNull(0) == false) {
            PLAYER.PLAYER_ID = dataReader.GetDecimal(0);

In my PLAYER object, PLAYER_ID is decimal type.

I use two different databases, therefore, the value that comes from the base can be bigint or decimal. If this is decimal thete's no problem, but if it's a bigint, i get an error.

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GetDecimal doesn't cast but GetFieldValue<> does. Does dataReader.GetFieldValue<decimal>(0) work? – arx Sep 26 '12 at 17:36
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You should be able to use the GetFieldType method to determine the data type of the object.

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Eric J. makes a good suggestion in his answer that you should avoid calling GetFieldType for all the returned rows; just set a flag before reading. – Metro Smurf Sep 26 '12 at 17:41

You can use GetFieldType to determine the type

Type type = dataReader.GetFieldType(0);

You can then use an appropriate reader method to read out the data.

You probably want to avoid calling GetFieldType for every row. Call it before you start reading rows and set a flag indicating which type this particular query returned.

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Use Decimal.TryParse:

decimal tempID;

Decimal.TryParse(dataReader[0], out tempID);

It should convert the value to the decimal unless it's null. If it's null decimal will remain 0.

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