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Deleting a node from the middle of the heap can be done in O(lg n) provided we can find the element in the heap in constant time. Suppose the node of a heap contains id as its field. Now if we provide the id, how can we delete the node in O(lg n) time ?

One solution can be that we can have a address of a location in each node, where we maintain the index of the node in the heap. This array would be ordered by node ids. This requires additional array to be maintained though. Is there any other good method to achieve the same.

PS: I came across this problem while implementing Djikstra's Shortest Path algorithm.

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The index (id, node) can be maintained separately in a hashtable which has O(1) lookup complexity (on average). The overall complexity then remains O(log n).

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Yeah this is one of the solutions. I think its not possible without using extra space. right? – Jonh Sep 27 '12 at 18:23

Each data structure is designed with certain operations in mind. From wikipedia about heap operations

The operations commonly performed with a heap are:
create-heap: create an empty heap
find-max or find-min: find the maximum item of a max-heap or a minimum item of a min-heap, respectively
delete-max or delete-min: removing the root node of a max- or min-heap, respectively
increase-key or decrease-key: updating a key within a max- or min-heap, respectively
insert: adding a new key to the heap
merge joining two heaps to form a valid new heap containing all the elements of both.

This means, heap is not the best data structure for the operation you are looking for. I would advice you to look for a better suited data structure(depending on your requirements)..

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Dijsktra algorithm requires deletion from the middle of the heap. – Vijay Aug 1 '14 at 2:04

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