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I have embedded Jetty in a java application and am calling the start() method on an instance of the Jetty server object (after setting a handler list which describes the location of the static and dynamic web content). Does the start() call block until initialization is complete? If not, how do I determine when the server is fully started and ready to receive requests?

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We have an embedded Jetty application with dozens of plug-in WARS and servlets to initialize...I've never had a browser request time out while the app was starting, so the server init process IS pretty fast. However, you can check if the Jetty server is still starting up or ready by checking



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Here's an example of how I've down this within ANT, launching firefox once the jetty application was ready

    <jetty tempDirectory="${work.dir}">
            <selectChannelConnector port="${jetty.port}"/>
        <webApp name="ex1" warfile="ex1.war" contextpath="/ex1"/>

        <waitfor maxwait="10" maxwaitunit="second">
            <http url="http://localhost:${jetty.port}/ex1"/>

        <exec executable="firefox" spawn="yes">
            <arg line="http://localhost:${jetty.port}/ex1"/>
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