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Let's say I have this GORM objects

Class Person {
  String country
  int age
  String Name

I would like to get the oldest person for each country

I can get the projection this way, but I would like to have the list of Person objects.

def results = Person.withCriteria {
  projections {
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def countries = Person.executeQuery(
    "select distinct person.country from Person person")
def persons = countries.collect{ country ->
        "from Person as person1 " +
        "where person1.country='${country}' and person1.age=" +
            "select max(age) "+
            "from Person as person2 "+
            "where person2.country='${country}' "+
            "group by person2.country "+

Hopefully this helps. This will return a list of lists as there is the possibility that for each country there is a list of people that have the maximum age.

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