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Scenario:- I've a local asp.net website directory :- "http://localhost/DemoWebsite/". A "Secure" folder is inside it. Two webpages are inside that folder :- Page1.aspx and Page2.aspx. And one more webpage:- Page3.aspx is outside the folder.

Requirement:- Now 'Page2.aspx' is opening in a RadWindow from the parent page 'Page1.aspx'. A button 'Cancel' is there in 'Page2.aspx' and on-click of that button I want to come out of RadWindow and directly move to 'Page3.aspx'.

Attempted Solution:- Button's 'OnClientClick' event is set to a JS function 'LogOff()'. Definition is:-

function LogOff()
   top.location.href = "http://localhost/DemoWebsite/Page3.aspx";

The Problem is that since I can't give the above mentioned enitre link when I want this website to push in some other server. So if I give the link as:-

top.location.href = "~/Page3.aspx"; OR Just, top.location.href = "Page3.aspx";

And when I run the website and click the Cancel Button. It throws error "Resource can't be found." It is because after button click it tries the link "/DemoWebsite/Secure/Page3.aspx".

Question:- what to assign for top.location.hrefso that it tries the link "/DemoWebsite/Page3.aspx". As Page3.aspx is NOT in Secure folder.

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@ALL - As Chris' answer suggested, for my problem i need to use "../Page3.aspx". Thats it. –  Kings Sep 27 '12 at 12:23

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You could do something like.... GetRadWindow().BrowserWindow.location.href = '../page3.aspx';

GetRadWindow() is a function that gets a reference to your radwindow....

function GetRadWindow()
var oWindow = null; if (window.radWindow)
    oWindow = window.radWindow; else if (window.frameElement.radWindow)
    oWindow = window.frameElement.radWindow; return oWindow;

The BrowserWindow part will get a reference to your window that the radwindow opened from. The rest just redirects the opening window to the location that you want.

EDIT: after looking at your question again i think you just need to know how to get to the relative path through javascript? if that is the case it is like this... document.location.href = '../'; //Up one level. The ../ will jump you back one level. If you just use /path then it will assume you are going from the same folder level that your current page is on.

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U made my day man. Thanks a lot. –  Kings Sep 27 '12 at 12:22
No problem. I know its tough to find good documentation sometimes for the Telerik controls. –  Cruril Sep 27 '12 at 14:37

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