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Whenever my client loses connection of the server, I have a re-connection loop which continuously looks for the server.

As this loop runs, it generates a process of conhost.exe and csc.exe every time it tries to connect until the computer slows to a halt.

Does anyone know what would create these processes?

So what happens, is anytime there is a failconnection or a loseconnection, I call Initialize. This should properly dispose all components and then reinitialize them all.

Initialize Method for NetworkInterface and TcpInterface:

 public void Initialize()
        if (ni != null)

        if (tcpInterface != null)

        tcpInterface = new TcpInterface();
        if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(ipAddress))
            tcpInterface.Settings = new TcpSettings
                RemoteIp = ipAddress,
                Port = _port,
                PacketDenotesLength = false

        tcpInterface.NewConnection += new TcpInterface.TcpNetworkStateEventHandler(tcpInterface_NewConnection);
        tcpInterface.FailConnection += new TcpInterface.ConnectionEventHandler(tcpInterface_FailConnection);
        tcpInterface.ReceivePacket += new TcpInterface.TcpInterfacePacketEventHandler(tcpInterface_ReceivePacket);
        tcpInterface.LoseConnection += new TcpInterface.TcpNetworkStateEventHandler(tcpInterface_LoseConnection);

        ni = new NetworkInterface<string, PacketInfo>();
        ni.Services.Register("TcpInterface", tcpInterface);


Dipose for TcpInterface:

public void Dispose()
        if (TcpClient != null)// && TcpClient.Connected)
            if (TcpClient.Connected)
                NetworkStream stream = TcpClient.GetStream();

                if (stream != null)
            TcpClient = null;
        Buffer = null;
        BufferBuilder = null;

Dispose for ni:

 public void Dispose()
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for multiple conhost read here… – Amitd Sep 26 '12 at 18:12
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csc.exe is C# compiler.

do you use XmlSerializer for serlization/deserialization? if you didn't sgen'ed your assemblies, then XmlSerializer will start csc.exe and compile some code to temporary folder.

Another option, is using CodeDom in C#. the code then will compile using csc.exe.

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I would bet it's XmlSerializers for web services. – aiodintsov Sep 26 '12 at 18:08
I do not believe that there are any web services or XmlSerialization going on. This is a networking library for communications between two computers, basic Tcp or UDP. – Kyle Uithoven Sep 26 '12 at 18:11

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