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I am experiencing the pain of developing an API based on (Selenium2) Webdriver and here is my dilemma.

I have basically 4 packages:


In com.example.qa.test, i have test classes that "USE" classes from other packages.

I am ending up in the following test method.

    public void testScenario16786() {
        Login login = new Login();
        AddSingleDomain asd = new AddSingleDomain();
        AddARecord ar = new AddARecord();


Now, this seems to be a very bad example of developing in Java, which almost seems procedural. Is there any other way of doing it ? Are there some RULES that i need to be aware of while designing an API, which will be used by others ? i am sure that this is somewhat of a classical problem and has been solved before, i just want to know what are the many ways of resolving this, like:

One resolution, could be to use Factory Pattern, and based on a key, a specific class is instantiated, which is good but is there a more elegant way ?

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You might find the presentation "How to Design a Good API & Why it Matters" by Joshua Bloch to be helpful.

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Your test class is necessarily procedural - a repeatable set of steps, that's fine. The commonly recommended approach is to use the Page Object pattern and selenium also provides a PageFactory object to help you (see end of the page): page objects

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I DID use PageObjects and PageFactory, but this question was about the API Design, and HOW the End Users will use it to drive their tests. –  kamal Sep 27 '12 at 0:27

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