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dynamic html redirects  using routers

in the beginning I had no categories and all of my pages were root



This was great, but as my content over the years grew I need to categorize my content

so I added some routes see below //routes.php


array('controller' => 'controllername', 'action' => 'view'),


           'pass' => array('category','slug')



//end this works great and accomplished what I needed to do, but there is one problem the search engines .I need to write 301's for all of my links and I have over 8K pages.

The solution cakesphp's Router::redirect

The issue I am now having is I cant figurer out how to redirect my old links. I can for example redirect all of the links to one category, but that wont cut it. I need to redirect all of my links to the new location.

I am trying to use routes.php router :: redirect

if I do this my code it redirects to the category, but not the slug

  'pass' => array('category/:slug'))



how can I get cake to redirect to

  http://domain/category/slug  ?

  instead of  http://domain/category/

I had all of my links pointing to the root directory
http://domain/somepage http://domain/anotherpage http://domain/ect

I needed to add categories

such as



I didn’t want to use .htaccees file because

My hosing provide limits me to 100 redirects

and i have over 8K links i need to redirect

I am trying to use cakes router ::redirect function in the routes.php file.

the below code works only for one category it doesn’t do it dynamically like I would like it too. I tried to create a router class that would do this for me like you suggested, but to be honest with you I am not an expert in cakephp. Its easy to learn and a great framework I just dont know how to make my own classes or components yet. I just haven’t found good documentation to do this yet.


  $move='category/'. stripslashes_deep ($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']);             Router::redirect('/:slug/*',$move, array('status' => 302)); code
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Use a custom route class. See this article – Barry Chapman Sep 26 '12 at 19:11

Your best bet is to use a custom route class.

Custom routing extends the CakeRoute class and will allow you to return/add/modify parameters that are passed over.

CakePHP Custom Route Classes - How to Pass Arguments?

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well im pretty new to cake, but i will try it. I guess it's a good time to learn the api so i can start writing my own classes. – user1698137 Sep 26 '12 at 23:58
I couldn’t get my class to work so i did this in the router.php file I am pretty sure there is another way. If anyone has a solution i would appreciate it code $move='category/'. stripslashes_deep ($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']); Router::redirect('/:slug/*',$move, array('status' => 302)); code – user1698137 Sep 27 '12 at 20:07
Tell me what you are trying to do, and I will see if i can help out – Barry Chapman Sep 28 '12 at 18:07
My post was to long so i had to edit the above post. I Hope this helps you – user1698137 Sep 28 '12 at 20:03

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