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I'm trying to call Futures.awaitAll with a variable number of well... Futures. awaitAll is defined as awaitAll(timeout : Long, fts : Future[Any]*). I have tried passing in a List and an Array but both won't work:

list = future1 :: future2 :: Nil

Futures.awaitAll(1000, list)

found : List[scala.actors.Future[Any]] required: scala.actors.Future[Any]

EDIT: What I now want to do is call Futures.awaitAll programmatically with a variable number of arguments (1 to n). So using Futures.awaitAll(1000, future1, future2) is not an option.

Chapter 8.8 of Programming in Scala didn't give me any hints how to solve this either, so help is welcome :)

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This does get mentioned somewhere in PinS, but very briefly. –  Daniel C. Sobral Aug 11 '09 at 22:02

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Using the * means that it's a can take as many Future[Any] parameters as you add, but not a list/array of them.

So it's looking for a parameter list such as:

Futures.awaitAll(1000, future1, future2)

instead of

Futures.awaitAll(1000, list)

Edit: If you must have the ability to pass in Futures.awaitAll(1000, list), then try casting it.

So try this:

Futures.awaitAll(1000, list: _*)
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I have changed the question to make the problem clearer. –  Sebastian Aug 11 '09 at 14:56
Futures.awaitAll(1000, futures: _*)

should work (can't test it now). See 4.6.2 in the Scala Language Specification.

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