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According to Oracle's online documentation, JnlpDownloadServlet is still a part of Java 7:

But I just installed JDK 1.7.0, and neither jnlp-servlet.jar nor jardiff.jar appear anywhere in my Java home, at least on Windows. I ran a search through every jar in the directory (using the excellent ack command-line utility) and none of them contain JnlpDownloadServlet.

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Starting with Java 7 Update 2 the "Demos and Samples" were made into a separate download.

You can find the download link to the latest "Demos and Samples" listed here:
(Search on page for "samples").

You will find jnlp-servlet.jar, etc. therein:

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Oddly, the Mac version doesn't have it. Have to download the windows samples. Why different platforms should have different samples on the write-once run-anywhere platform is beyond me.

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