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I have a very weird problem, I have a markup, which is being treated by chrome (tested on mac, windows, and ubuntu-chromium) in weird manner..

I've created a simple version of the situation..

<h3>First Part<span>Content in Span</span></h3>​

Chrome is adding extra quotes to First Part, while its not present in any other browser (tested on Firefox, and ie.)

Simple demo I've created on JsFiddle here..

In Chrome: Chrome

In Firefox: enter image description here

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Chrome wraps text nodes in quotes if there is another element present. If you remove the span, the quotes should go away. –  Blender Sep 26 '12 at 19:23

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This is just the way that chrome presents the text node content in the element inspector. You can see white-space better this way. The quotes are purely virtual.

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The quotes are not existing in your HTML document. They just appear in Chrome, to show that you are viewing the text content of an element.

You shouldn't worry about them at all. If you check the Source code (right click, View Page Source), you will see that they are not there.

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