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I'm trying to upgrade from Magento Community to Magento Enterprise. I've got each installed seperately. I did a direct export of product from my Community installation and have attempted to directly import this to Enterprise.

Initially, the error I was received was

'csv' file extension is not supported

I did the following according to a reply on a forum post from someone with a similar problem:

Disable the Magento Compiler under System > Tools > Compilation

However, the next Validation Error I encountered was this:

Column names: "_root_category", "_group_price_website", "_group_price_customer_group", "_group_price_price", "_media_attribute_id", "_media_image", "_media_lable", "_media_position", "_media_is_disabled" are invalid

I've done zero editing to the product CSV Magento provided me. I duplicated it, opened up the file and have found zero problems and zero duplicated columns.

I'm at a loss as to what to do next, any suggestions?

Sample CSV

Link: - Google Docs Preview

Link - Google Drive Download

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great, i just met the same problem , enabled compilation couple days ago, and find 'csv' file extension is not supported

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