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Does anyone knows how to start a process in "build events" visual studio? for example

TASKKILL /FI "IMAGENAME eq notepad.exe" /F
sleep 3
if $(ConfigurationName)==Debug @echo do some stuff of building and copyng dll files build 

in the last line, it get stuck and it can't finish to build dll. I try to add ampersand like linux shell to run the process but i didn't have any success.

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This "start" command looks promising.

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"start" command line doesn't work. the entire post build events get stuck. – Carlitos Overflow Oct 12 '12 at 14:11

If you want your post build event to finish while the application started is still running, you can use cmdow:

C:\Tools\cmdow.exe /Run C:\Windows\notepad.exe

Where C:\Tools\ is the path where you extracted the executable to.

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