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I have a JAX-WS based application that I am developing. I generate WSDL from the server using wsgen and then build the client library using wsimport. I am writing my own custom exceptions to throw with my method calls. The code is structured as follows.

Custom Exception Class:

@WebFault(faultBean = "com.mysite.FaultBean")
public class MyCustomException extends Exception {
  private FaultBean faultInfo;


Custom Fault Bean:

public class FaultBean {
  private String message;
  private List<String> messages;


I then throw MyCustomException from my methods in my web service endpoint. When I call one of my web service methods and it throws an exception the client is getting a SOAPFaultException instead of MyCustomException. Why is the custom exception not getting used?

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So, after a bit of investigation it turns out the exceptions that were being thrown as a SOAPFaultException were not coming from where I thought they were. They actually were not thrown as MyCustomException. So, to solve this for all cases I took advantage of Spring AOP and created an Around aspect to wrap all of my calls to the web service implementation layer.

In this aspect I catch any exception thrown and wrap it in a MyCustomException before rethrowing it. My client can then handle the exception properly.

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