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I am curious as to why this route is not working:

                                    new { controller = "Mailing", action = "OpenerImage", subject = UrlParameter.Optional },
                                        mailingId = new NonEmptyGuidRouteConstraint(),
                                        listItemId = new NonEmptyGuidRouteConstraint(),
                                        fileExtension = @"(aspx|php|asp|html|htm|json|xml)"

the fileExtensions parameters is only picking up the first parameter in the list so if I got to a page with ..../MailReport.php I get a 404 error.


I think this is more of an IIS issue than a routing issue. I think IIS is trying to interpret the extension before the routing engine does. Just a thought, because I also tried creating a custom Route Constraint and it will only work for ASPX extensions.

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I ended up using IIS URL Rewrite rules to handle this. Without writing my own routing classes (which may or may not work) or handlers, I do not think this is possible


After some further research, adding this to the web.config allowed me to bypass IIS's routing:

 <modules runAllManagedModulesForAllRequests="true" >
      <remove name="UrlRoutingModule"/>

This goes in the system.webServer section and I believe you must be running in integrated mode or this section is ignored.

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