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I use GiST indexes pretty often, so I understand their performance characteristics and the API that they use and why you'd want one. What I don't understand is, under the covers, how exactly do they work? I'm looking for an explanation of the underlying data structures and algorithms behind it.

If I wanted to implement my own GiST index, how would I do that? Ideally I'd love to see sample code of a super-simple non-optimized version which I couldn't find anywhere on the web, since that would help me understand it best.

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If I wanted to implement my own GiST index, how would I do that?

  1. Go to GiST homepage
  2. Read the papers
  3. Read the libgist source code with reference implementation of the Generalized Search Tree
  4. Check related software utilities to debug and visualize GiST index
  5. Design and develop our own better and improved implementation
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