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I've got an update statement that uses a join that is taking a really long time. I'll provide more detail below but here is the query:

update quote_line
left join quote q on (q.id = quote_id and q.version = version )
set quote_serial_id = q.serial_id

Backstory: I'm trying to clean up a DB that I've inherited. I have two tables with the following schema (only important columns shown):


serial_id  bigint(20)  -- Unique key defined with 'serial'
id         bigint(20)  -- Id of quote.
version    smallint(6) -- Version of quote.


id         bigint(20)  -- Unique key defined with 'serial'
quote_id   bigint(20)  -- Foreign key to quote.
version    smallint(6) -- Foreign key to quote.

Note that quote.id is not a key, however quote.id+quote.version is. For whatever reason the designer decided to use id+version as the foreign key in quote_line instead of serial_id. To make this concrete here is how a join must be done:

select q.id, q.version, q.serial_id
from quote q join quote_line l on q.id = l.quote_id and l.version = q.version

I want to change the FK in quote_line to use quote.serial_id, which gives me this update statement:

update quote_line
left join quote q on (q.id = quote_id and q.version = version )
set quote_serial_id = q.serial_id

This statement, after hours of running, still isn't finished. I've tried creating indexes on quote with no improvement. I'm running MySQL 5.5.14 so I can't run explain on the update. The two tables have this many rows:

quote: 335517 quote_line: 247992

You can see that not all quotes have quote_lines (in fact, most of them do not). Any hints on how to make this run faster? I eventually have to replicate this on our production servers and I can't have it taking hours.


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If you are only interested in updating quote_lines, and not all quotes have lines, what's the purpose of the LEFT join (why not INNER)? – Paul McNett Sep 26 '12 at 23:24
Wouldn't the left join set quote_serial_id to NULL when there is no quote. In other words it handles quote_lines with no associated quote, not the other way around. – sceaj Sep 26 '12 at 23:40

As noted in the comments by Paul and sceaj I was using a LEFT join. When I removed the 'LEFT' the query ran in a few seconds. Thanks for the help!

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