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When I use the slime-repl, I get this message in my minibuffer and emacs hangs for a second:

error in process filter: Wrong type argument: sequencep, :not-available

It stops happening when I turn off slime-autodoc-mode

Has anyone seen that before?

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From this error report

joddie commented: I experienced the same problem. After a cursory investigation, it seems to be related to enabling the slime-fancy module in slime/contrib. slime-fancy is a shortcut for enabling a number of different slime modules, and I'm not sure which one is the actual source of the problem, but disabling it seems to fix the problem here at least.

(This is using the latest Git/CVS versions of slime and slime-js, although I also tried rolling back to the 2010-02-12 version of slime just in case; it made no difference).

ghost commented: @joddie : I just try it and remove slime-fancy, it does work. Now I put

(slime-setup '(slime-js slime-repl))

in my .emacs. Before that I can not use auto complete in node even my tab already bound to slime-indent-and-complete-symbol. Thanks. :)

For those of you using quicklisp and slime-helper to manage their slime setup open quicklisp/slime-helper.el to find the place where (slime-setup) is used.

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