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I have a TitlePane which I want to change the font color. I just cant. I need to do this programatically.

So far I have something like this:

var newPane = new TitlePane({title: paneName});

I have tried this as well:

var newPane = new TitlePane({title: paneName, id: paneName, style:{color:'red'}});

This sets the content of the pane red and no id is added anywhere :(

As per this API info I can only set three properties (title, content and open). How could I add an id and style(color) to the TitlePane! pls

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Style it via Cascading Style Sheets. See how it works at jsFiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/phusick/63dHY/

To change the color of TitlePane title text by id

var titlePane1 = new TitlePane({
    id: "titlePane1",
    title: "some red title",
    content: "Collapse me!"            
}, "titlePane1");

use the following style:

#titlePane1 .dijitTitlePaneTextNode {
    color: red;

Or by class

var titlePane2 = new TitlePane({
    title: "some blue title",
    content: "Collapse me!"
}, "titlePane2");

domClass.add(titlePane2.domNode, "blue");   // as of 'dojo/dom-class' module

use the following style:

.blue .dijitTitlePaneTextNode {
    color: blue !important;

​ or change it directly via JavaScript (which I do not recommend):

titlePane2.titleNode.style.color = "green";
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newPane.style({color: "red"});


query(newPane).style({color: "red"});


newPane.style.color = "red";
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