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I'm working in a form for adding news. So I want the user tu choose from the available categories using checkboxes. But formtastic keep printing weird stuff.

pd. I'm using active-admin and all my resources are working properly

My relationship is: News has and belongs_to_many categories.

This how I'm trying to print

<%=e.label :categorias %>
<%=e.check_boxes :categoria_ids, Hash[Categoria.all.map {|ca| [ca.nombre, ca.id]}]%>

If I change check_boxes to select, it works perfectly. But it isn't what I'm looking for.

Here what I get back. Categorias [#", label="Educativo">, #", label="Música">, #", label="Deportivos">]

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<%=e.check_boxes :categorias, Hash[Categoria.all.map {|ca| [ca.nombre, ca.id]}]%>
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Thanks!but still not working here what I'm getting back. [#<struct MetaSearch::CheckBox="<input id=..." –  Laura021 Oct 2 '12 at 21:10

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