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In our enterprise app, we would like to put cross cutting concerns like logging, metricing as aspects. We already have the aspectj advices ready(from our existing java app) but I am not finding a way to integrate aspectj with Grails.

I am already aware of beforeInterceptor and afterInterceptor, but these need to be done in all Controllers and Services, is there an easier way to do this.

My preferred approach would be to create annotations for e.g @Metrics on any method in my grails application and it should get adviced. Has anyone done this, any links/resources/examples would be great to have.

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Maybe you can take a look at Grails Filters which can be used for cross cutting concerns such as logging etc: http://grails.org/doc/2.1.0/ref/Plug-ins/filters.html

Regarding using of annotations, maybe this article could be helpful, but I haven't checked it: http://manbuildswebsite.com/2010/03/15/simple-aspects-using-annotations-in-grails/

Best of luck.

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