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we're developing a web app to cover all aspects of a printing company from finances, to payroll, to job costing. Its important to be able to control who can access what parts of these applications. Don't want a line employee giving himself a raise, etc...

I've heard of the concept of ACL & ACO, but haven't found a good example that we could adapt to our project.

Anyone know where I can find good information to work from?

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A brief rundown on ACLs, where they should be used and how they should be structured and implemented for various applications and user levels can be found here:


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I've had to implement that type of security a couple of times. Unfortunately I don't know of any really good articles that provide examples. My implementations were mainly piecing together the parts through trial and error.

However, I did come across this link on MSDN:

It has some of the concepts.

After my original post, I did some more research. I found this article:

it seems pretty promising, I didn't go through all the details, but it at least guides you through the high-level topics.

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If you're using .NET/Windows you might want to look into Windows Authorization Manager (AzMan). There are support for AzMan in Enterprise Library but there are other ways of using it as well.

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