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You know since hadoop 2.0 there is a backup node to implement high available,but now I'm using hadoop 1.0,so I don't have any idea to solve the single node failure of name node,Could you please kindly give me some advice :) by the way append one question:In the hadoop 2.0,if the name node failed,will the backup node become the name node automatically or need manually change(if so,there is no sense). Thanks in advance

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So, this is an old question... not sure if it still applies...

Hadoop 1.0 does not have High Availability. Before 2.0, Hadoop had a Secondary Namenode, which would help recover a Namenode, but not automatically and not High Availability.

So, the easy answer to: "How does hadoop 1.0 implement High Availability?" is: "It doesn't"

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