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I am looking for tools that a design team can mockup the GUI of a page/series of pages and sort of play around with how the interface would flow (obviously, without any backend in) without knowing serious coding, i.e. java.

Are there any such tools/applications/websites that you can make a mockup that can be somewhat carried over into XML code (and thus speed along development of a finalized mockup as well)? I know that Android GUI is XML, but the tool I'm looking for would ideally not need Java in order to connect buttons, intents, etc. and not need extensive knowledge of the Android APIs.

Thank You in advance.

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You might be interested in Mockups2Android. This is a tool which enables you to build mockups with Balsamiq and then convert these to live (interactive) demos on a physical Android device.

Canappi is another solution which integrates with Balsamiq and can generate cross-platform code from a mockup.

Neither of these tools generate true "native" Android UIs. Mockups2Android relies on an interpreter of sorts on the device itself, and Canappi generates code in an intermediate language (which has the benefit of enabling cross-compilation). But they both provide a useful compromise between writing your own code, and having it generated from mockups.

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Checkout jimu Mirror: http://jimulabs.com/mirrorjs-preview/

With Mirror.js, you can prototype Android animations and full app UI with native controls (i.e. much more real than "click dummies" created by other tools). You use Android's XML resources and a bit of JavaScript to make these prototypes and much of the code can be reused in development. When you are done, just share your work as an APK.

Your design team will need to learn Android's XML-based layout stuff and some simple JavaScript. However, I think it's worth the investment because of the high quality feedback you'll receive using a high-fidelity prototype (and will make your designers better in Android design simply because they'll have better insight in how things are implemented and system limitation etc.).

Full disclosure, I'm one of the creators of this tool.

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MonkeyRunner tools by android. It uses Python, if that is not a problem.

MonkeyRunner API

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To use monkeyrunner you must have the app developed already. –  dtmilano Sep 27 '12 at 3:10

First of all, I'd like to address one of your comments:

I know that Android GUI is XML.

This is actually false. There is a facility to write XML, that then gets turned Java that makes your GUI for you, but it's not specifically the case that all Android GUI deals with XML.

That being said, what you want is a tool that will allow you to take a GUI, look at its constituents, and then perform a sort of "run through."

There are a few major testing frameworks I'll point you at, approximately moving up in abstraction level (becoming easier to use, losing expressiveness / power)

  • Android has a set of Instrumentation code that will allow you to perform fairly routine testing tasks.
  • Robotium is a fairly high quality instrumentation framework
  • TroyD is a small set of scripts written on top of Robotium that will allow you to use Ruby to interface with an app (in the form of an APK), generate tests, and then run them repeatedly. On top of it, I wrote a small test server that will take a (potentially large) set of devices in a pool and dispatch tests to a given device.
  • monkeyrunner should also be mentioned.. I agree it's a good tool, though we've found it didn't have enough flexibility (and hence wrote TroyD)

You can obviously use many types of unit tests available from Java as well. I particularly recommend TroyD, as I've been using it lately to write a rather elaborate paper based on empirical studies of testing apps.

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Thanks for that clarification. I'm looking for something for designers to be able to mockup a GUI before it has been built rather than test the gui's functionality/code after it has been buit. I don't want to perform a run through, I want to actually build the GUI in this tool and be able to move from page to page preferably without any java. Does a tool like that exist? –  Kgrover Sep 26 '12 at 23:56
sorry I misread your question. I edited your title accordingly.. I do believe tools such as that exist, and I furthermore believe the linked question is representative of the set of tools of which I'm aware that do it. –  Kristopher Micinski Sep 26 '12 at 23:57

Try out xiffe.com the best prototyping tool for mobile apps. It supports drag and drop, and all major platforms like iOS (has controls for iOS 7), Android and Windows 8 phone

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