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I have Page Footer()PF A and B, whenever I suppress PFa, PFb will move up following the report footer. Imagine the vertical lines as the line number,

|Page Header
|Report Footer
|Page Footer A
|Page Footer B

The PFa shows only in the last page, using the formula in the suppress section:

pagenumber <> totalpagecount

This is the result

Page 1           Page 2
|Page Header     |Page Header
|Details         |Details
|Report Footer   |Report Footer
|Page Footer B   |Page Footer A
|                |Page Footer B

Now I want the report to be like this

Page 1           Page 2
|Page Header     |Page Header
|Details         |Details
|Report Footer   |Report Footer
|                |Page Footer A
|Page Footer B   |Page Footer B
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In Section Expert there is an option "Print at Bottom of Page", use that to keep it at the bottom. This is often used for building invoices or bills to keep the total at the bottom.

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In the left margin,. right-click the Report Footer and go to Section expert. Put a check box in the option for Print at Bottom of Page. This should do it for you.

The report footer doesn't get handled like the Page Footer does. This option will tell the report to print it at the bottom of the page for you.

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If you want it moved down but not at the bottom of the page you could add another section (eg PFc), then move the contents of PFb into PFc and add a formula to invert the suppression of PFa:

pagenumber = totalpagecount

Then just make PFb the same dimensions of PFa.

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I little late, but on my reports, I have 2 headers and 4 footers that vary depending on which organization within our company is printing the report.

After 2, the space after the footer got extremely bad, I found I needed to add "underlay following sections" to get them to print at the bottom of the page correctly.

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