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I have googled the heck out of this question, but I have found no information that is at all helpful. My question is simple: why can't I play embedded Vimeo videos (using the universal iframe embed code) on iOS Simulator running an iPad in Safari?

Is it because this is not supported on iOS Simulator, or is it a more complex problem? Thanks

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Please describe what happens when you attempt to do so. Also, it would be helpful if you post the embed code you're using. It's also not clear from your question if you're trying to do this in a UIWebView or in an instance of Mobile Safari running in the simulator. –  Rob Reuss Sep 27 '12 at 3:51

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Is this universal to every vimeo video you encounter or only specific ones you are trying to embed? For example, if you visit vimeo.com on mobile safari are you able to play any of their videos in iOS simulator?

If you can play videos on Vimeo.com then the problem lies with the specific videos you're trying to embed. Certain Vimeo videos uploaded >2 years ago did not process well when Vimeo made the switch to HTML5. This is rectified be re-uploading the videos back into Vimeo and letting them re-process. Then use the new generated embed code.

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