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The log output looks like this. Is the number behind the : the time spent in milliseconds?

[26-Sep-2012 23:41:50]  [pool www] pid 17761
script_filename = /srv/bindings/f8d625f884a64f62aea671b2088910cd/code//index.php
[0x0000000001006408] execute() /srv/bindings/f8d625f884a64f62aea671b2088910cd/code/includes/database/
[0x0000000001005cf0] execute() /srv/bindings/f8d625f884a64f62aea671b2088910cd/code/includes/database/
[0x0000000001005a38] query() /srv/bindings/f8d625f884a64f62aea671b2088910cd/code/includes/database/
[0x0000000001004760] execute() /srv/bindings/f8d625f884a64f62aea671b2088910cd/code/sites/all/modules/views/plugins/
[0x0000000001003c40] execute() /srv/bindings/f8d625f884a64f62aea671b2088910cd/code/sites/all/modules/views/includes/
[0x00000000010027f8] execute() /srv/bindings/f8d625f884a64f62aea671b2088910cd/code/sites/all/modules/views/includes/
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Is the number behind the : (I guess you mean after)

If so yes:

output query_string and exec_time

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Nope, is the number of the line of the script on which the function was called.


execute() /srv/bindings/f8d625f884a64f62aea671b2088910cd/code/includes/database/

It means that the function execute() was called at line no. 2139 on file.

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Is the slow command that trigged the log the top one? – Steve Robbins Mar 11 '15 at 19:31

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