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Is there a AP or opensource wireless router firmware that will allow me to detect wifi devices that are located around the AP. these devices may or may not be connected to the wireless network. I would like to have the devices MAC address and any other information that is available dumped to a database or file that I can access.


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You can install aircrack suite on OpenWrt and run airodump-ng to get the info you want. Top section of the output is a list of APs, bottom a list of clients (associated or not). The basic commands would be:

opkg update                # get a list of packages for your openwrt router
opkg install aircrack-ng   # install aircrack suite
airmon-ng start wlan0      # create a monitor interface
airodump-ng mon0           # start listening

You might need to stop other services running on that radio (such as hostapd) to allow channel hopping, or have a dedicated radio just for monitoring.

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If you are using a card from atheros, using the ath5k or ath9k driver, you can put your your in monitor mode

iw phy phy0 interface add moni0 type monitor

This interface will pick up anything on the radio channel. To save to a file you can do

tcpdump -ni moni0 -s 0 -v -w myfile.pcap

the file can be later analyzed with wireshark or tcpdump

For other drivers check the documentation, almost all of them permit to put the interface in monitor mode, so that tcpdump can sniff the raw 802.11 data

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