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I did verify email address entered in the textbox, before sending mail i.e by syntax. But How to verify or validate the correct email address using PHP?

if(mail($emailto)) {
else {

For example if you enter xxxxxxxxaddfb54@yahoo.com, it accepts as a valid email id! Hw do we know it exists or not?

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You cannot. PHP hands the message to the SMTP server, and the SMTP server delivers it to the receiving SMTP server. It does not communicate anything back to PHP. The sending server may get a bounce back for an invalid user. –  Michael Berkowski Sep 27 '12 at 2:13
Not sure what you mean here. You can't tell whether an email address exists or not yourself -- only the remote mail server knows that. Most mail servers are kind enough to tell you afterwards if you've sent to a nonexistent mailbox, though. –  Jeremy Roman Sep 27 '12 at 2:13
Many servers do not tell you whether or not the address exists. Spam prevention, poor configuration, etc. –  Brad Sep 27 '12 at 2:15

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You can't. That's the nature of the internet: You can't be absolutely certain any host (let alone an account on the host) is in a given state at any time unless you have control over the host.

You can tell a failure by a return message from the mailer daemon specifically stating that the delivery attempt failed. But that is a courtesy most private mailers will not extend to you.

You will almost NEVER get a return verification email in the case of successful delivery unless you have specifically set up the server to behave that way.

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The user will tell it for you when reading :)

You can't as already stated, so be sure to provide a "please resend me the email" link around, so the user will be able to put the correct email [if he or she was wrong], or just to send it again if there were any issues with you smtp server.

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It's impossible to tell whether an email address exists (unless the server you are trying to contact has some sort of API for this). You can, however, check whether the domain can be emailed to:

function checkEmailDomain($email) {
   list(,$domain) = explode('@', $email);
   if (checkdnsrr($domain, 'MX')) {
      return TRUE;
   else if (checkdnsrr($domain, 'A')) {
      return TRUE;
   return FALSE;

Note that this is not 100% dependable either. If you want to use it, it should be purely advisory.

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