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Some users repeatedly run into a very mysterious problem when using my web application.

In the middle of using it, they'll click a button or link that takes them to another page, but there will be a "page not found" error, because the URL is something like:

I thought it might be a javascript bug in my app: a redirect done by choosing a page name (maybe with some parameters) where one of the values is bad, resulting in the page name = "undefined". But there is no such code in my app anywhere, and this happens on many different pages, seemingly at random.

The one thing that seems to make it happen more often is if the user logged in originally by clicking a link in an email message in gmail. But a user who cut and pasted the link URL into a browser window said it still happened. Googling around reveals some hints that some kind of Google redirecting or caching is happening behind the scenes.

Any ideas?

I'm not getting responses from anyone familiar with how gmail links etc work, does anyone know what SO tags google experts "hang around in"?

Edit 2:
Awarding bounty to top answer for useful info and temporary workaround idea, but still interested in real solution to the problem, so not accepting workaround as solution.

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Show us your code plz – Trinh Hoang Nhu Sep 27 '12 at 2:35
@Trinh As I said, there is no particular code that appears to be related to this issue. (I can't give you the entire source code to the application, I don't own it). – MGOwen Sep 27 '12 at 2:39
Well it's hard to tell you what happend, please try to scan all your code, find something like window.location.href = somevariable and make sure somevariable is not undefined.... – Trinh Hoang Nhu Sep 27 '12 at 2:43
Is the site public? Can we see the problem? – Adam Eberlin Oct 3 '12 at 5:11

I believe you are right about gmail doing something with the links. See the gmail image below:


Non-standard header fields are conventionally marked by prefixing the field name with X-

Its probably behaving like... oh well, Google, and inspecting everything.

To stop google search from tracking my clicks i had to create a userscript to rewrite one of their functions:

rwt = function(){};

Maybe you can try something similar for gmail.

What is rwt?

rwt() is a javascript function from google search that rewrites the links to track which site you have visited.

for example, searching for "greasemonkey" showed the mozilla addons page as the first result. clicking on it opened

and then redirected to

The image above and the rwt() case is just to show you that there is a great chance that gmail is changing the links, so this could be related to your problem.

Since there is nothing you can do at gmail's side, maybe you could fix it on your server, by redirecting to or any other page that you'd like your users to see.

So, be it from gmail or any other referer, every time a client lands on redirect him to another page.

so maybe I can figure out how to just send them back to the page they came from


if not request.UrlReferrer is nothing then
    response.redirect (request.UrlReferrer.tostring)
end if

JS (for this to work, you would have to actually create a page called undefined)

if (window.location.href.toLowerCase().indexOf('undefined') > -1) {
    // this works
    window.location.href = document.referrer;

    // this works too (uncomment to enable)
    // history.back();

remember that if the user directly typed the url or used the link from favorites there wont be no referrer

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This sounds relevant, but I don't quite understand. Is gmail blocking your website due to XSS concerns? What is rwt? If your fix might be adapted to my situation, how would I do it? Userscripts work for your own browser, but how would I do something similar for my whole website? – MGOwen Oct 4 '12 at 3:05
Redirecting somewhere sounds like a good temporary workaround (although it happens on all sorts of places - e.g.: step 2 of sign-up process, a report page, etc - so maybe I can figure out how to just send them back to the page they came from - then the user will just think the click didn't work instead of thinking it's an "error". Clicking again works fine, usually. – MGOwen Oct 5 '12 at 1:07

I would suggest you to check the below things in your application.

Is there any code in your application, apart from what you own ?

there can be injected code by third party applications, like for ex "AddThis" adds an extra #parameter to your url sometimes, in your case its clear that a javascript is trying to playaround with the location.href as "undefined" is something which many js developers will come across.

by adding an # will help do cross site communication, some bug might also be causing an issue here.

Do a complete search in your code for "location.href" and see if you have used it anywhere.

Sometimes third party addons on the browser too might cause this issue

hope these would help you narrow down to your problem.

if you are not able to trace out the issue anywhere, i would suggest you to override 404 functionality on your webserver and implement the solution using Referrer.

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