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I'm a developer who mostly programs in a solaris environment, though our code is compiled on multiple platforms, including AIX. The most stable debugging tool I have access to on both environments is dbx, and I am quite familiar with in on the Solaris platform. Unfortunately, dbx on AIX is very different from dbx on Solaris. My search results haven't yielded much, and as a last ditch attempt to see if I can make any progress on this, I'm posting on StackOverflow. I'm looking for the equivalent functionality for the following commands/procedures in dbx:

  • the equivalent of the 'when' command in solaris dbx, as opposed to a simple stop
  • the equivalent of the 'access' event specification (e.g. when access wa variable), where I can specify not just a variable, but an address if I prefer.
  • equivalents of the 'infile', 'inclass' events

I'm not really sure if there are equivalents for any of these, but I hope there are. My evaluation of gdb has been much better, but unfortunately, gdb does not seem to be very stable in the environment I am working in as of now. Thanks in advance!

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there is an active AIX community on You might get some help there, but AIX!=Solaris is an understatement ;-). I'm surprised gdb is not working, the only help I can offer there is that there is very active support community for gcc (and presumably gdb). Good luck. –  shellter Sep 27 '12 at 22:25

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Equivalent of the 'when' on AIX:

  • Set a trace on the parameter you want.
  • Use addcmd to add a list of commands to the trace event.
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