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How I change the colour of the Loading Bar in the Install Files page of an NSIS installer?

The following attempts to send the message PBM_SETBARCOLOR to the loading bar window but the colour of the load bar never changes?

!include MUI2.nsh
!include WinMessages.nsh

InstallDir  "abc"
Name        "def"        
OutFile     "def.exe"


!macro RefreshWindow HWND IDC
    GetDlgItem $R0 ${HWND} ${IDC}
    ShowWindow $R0 ${SW_HIDE}
    ShowWindow $R0 ${SW_SHOW}

Function InstFilesPageShow

    SendMessage 1004 ${PBM_SETBARCOLOR} 0 "COLORREF(0,200,200)" #0xFF0000
    System::Call `user32::SendMessage(i R1, i ${PBM_SETBARCOLOR}, i 0, i COLORREF(0,0,0))`  #System::Call `user32::SetWindowPos(i R8, i ${HWND_TOP}, i 0, i 0, i ${w}, i ${h}, i ${SWP_NOMOVE})`
    #!insertmacro RefreshWindow $HWND 1004
    #!insertmacro RefreshWindow $mui.InstallPage 1004
    !insertmacro RefreshWindow $HWNDPARENT 1004


Section "Dummy" 
    DetailPrint "Test"
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COLORREF is a Win32 type, not a macro/function... –  Anders Sep 27 '12 at 16:40

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XPStyle on
Page instfiles "" instfilesShow

!include WinMessages.nsh

Function instfilesShow
FindWindow $0 "#32770" "" $HWNDPARENT
GetDlgItem $0 $0 1004
System::Call UxTheme::SetWindowTheme(ir0,w"",w"")
SendMessage $0 ${PBM_SETBARCOLOR} 0 0x11aaee
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I am afraid that you won't be able to do this : in the PBM_SETBARCOLOR documentation, MSDN states

When visual styles are enabled, this message has no effect.

BTW, in your RefreshWindow macro, you are incorrectly getting the control handle from its ID. NSIS documentation tells

If you want to get the handle of a control on the inner dialog, first use FindWindow user_var(output) "#32770" "" $HWNDPARENT to get the handle of the inner dialog.

Thus you can write like this :

FindWindow $R1 "#32770" "" $HWNDPARENT ;$R1 = handle of the inner dialog
GetDlgItem $R0 $R1 ${IDC} ;get the handle of control from its ID
ShowWindow $R0 ${SW_HIDE}
ShowWindow $R0 ${SW_SHOW}
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