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I am new to python. I got Syntax Error: invalid syntax & object module is not callable

Thanks for your help


class Spot(object):
    isBunny = bool()
    UP = 0
    SLEEP = 2

    def __init__(self, newIsBunny):
        self.isBunny = newIsBunny
        self.nextCycle = self.UP


import Spot
if i==Spot.SLEEP
print a.isBunny
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error says it all..... –  avasal Sep 27 '12 at 4:01
Please give the entire stack trace. –  Marcin Sep 27 '12 at 4:07

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In addition to what Borgleader says, instead of

import Spot


from Spot import Spot

This should fix the "module is not callable" error.

When you say

import Spot

then "Spot" is the whole module. Spot.Spot is the Spot class inside the Spot module, which is what you really want. Using the from Spot import Spot syntax lets you pull in just the Spot class from the Spot module, and call it Spot.

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For one the code in your class should be indented. That is how python knows that the code is part of the class (the same way indentation tells python which code is part of a function, or a loop).

Secondly you're misssing a : after if i==Spot.SLEEP

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