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is it possible to add a listbox inside a GWT CellTable

Have to make some thing like in the attached Image

enter image description here


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Yes you can do it by adding SelectionCell to the CellTable.

final Category[] categories = ContactDatabase.get().queryCategories();
    List<String> categoryNames = new ArrayList<String>();
    for (Category category : categories) {
    SelectionCell categoryCell = new SelectionCell(categoryNames);
    Column<ContactInfo, String> categoryColumn = new Column<ContactInfo, String>(
        categoryCell) {
      public String getValue(ContactInfo object) {
        return object.getCategory().getDisplayName();
    cellTable.addColumn(categoryColumn, constants.cwCellTableColumnCategory());
    categoryColumn.setFieldUpdater(new FieldUpdater<ContactInfo, String>() {
      public void update(int index, ContactInfo object, String value) {
        for (Category category : categories) {
          if (category.getDisplayName().equals(value)) {
    cellTable.setColumnWidth(categoryColumn, 130, Unit.PX);
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