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I have this SQL query :

INSERT INTO db1.outbox (DestinationNumber, TextDecoded)
SELECT User.CellPhone, '$SMSMessage' as TextDecoded
FROM db2.User
WHERE User.PurchaseDate BETWEEN 2012-01-01 AND 2012-01-31

it does multiple rows insertion to 'outbox' table. and I can easily get the ID number of first row by using this query :


and let's say I have 532 as result from SELECT LAST_INSERT_ID() and I have 34 rows inserted.

how to use this 532 as initial number for other table named 'outbox_multipart' insertion and having it auto increment so the result will be like this :

| ID   | phonenumber    | outboxID | message                          |
|                      ......                                         |
| 1025 | 555-123456     | 532      | part 2 : hello there!            |
| 1026 | 555-999999     | 533      | part 2 : hello there!            |
| 1027 | 555-888888     | 534      | part 2 : hello there!            |
|                                                                     |
|               ...... 34 rows inserted here .......                  |
|                                                                     |

please note that outboxID column isn't auto increment column. but it must have auto increment number from 532 + 34 rows = 566.

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Try with this

ALTER TABLE outbox_multipart AUTO_INCREMENT = 532;

it will increments from the 532,

and remember that the "outboxID" should also be in auto increment initially

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how to stop it until 34 rows? or will it automatically stop when no other rows inserted, so that when I have another insertion process, let's say, started with 821... I have to ALTER TABLE again, but this time start with 821. is that what you mean? make sense to me... – Robert Hanson Sep 27 '12 at 4:23
NO not like that once you perform this query then it initially starts from 532,and after if your insertion starts from 821,then it will auto incrementing "outboxID" from 821 thats it,otherwise it will starts from 532+34 = "566" – Gautam3164 Sep 27 '12 at 4:26
ok, got it... +1 for you and accepted as an answer, thank you. – Robert Hanson Sep 27 '12 at 4:30
Glad it works for you friend – Gautam3164 Sep 27 '12 at 4:30
I thought he said outboxID column wasn't autoincremented? @Guatam, will this allow him to insert an ID that is out of order. Say the last insertion in outboxID was 566 and he went to insert 700 there? I thought it would autoincrement to 567 instead of allowing him to insert a specific value and increment from there. Just trying to learn. – FajitaNachos Sep 27 '12 at 5:00

What about using a for loop combined with number of affected rows in mysql. If you are using PDO(which I reccommend) you can use this

So it would look something like this.


 $dbh = new pdo (your_database_connection_details);
 $stmt = dbh->prepare() //do your initial insert into the outbox table
 $stmt->bindParams() //bind your parameters

 $out_box_id =  dbh->lastInsertId();
 $row_count = dbh->rowCount();

  //insert $out_box_id into the outboxID column
  $out_box_id = $out_box_id + 1;

So this should grab the last inserted id of your first insert and set the $out_box_id to it. Then you can insert $out_box_id inside your for loop. The loop with run however many times the number of rows inserted was and then at the end of each loop it will increment the out_box_id by one.

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