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Any solutions out there for dealing with google script code-editor turning "forward delete" into a "kill line" binding? I'm used to the hidden cocoa/emacs derived navigation keys. Google decided to mess with control-d.


  1. This occurs when using the code editor. (edit-view?)
  2. I would rather stop the google behavior than cope with it.

To understand more how fluid the control-key navigation can be (and therefore how annoying when missing), try this...

  1. set caps-lock to be the control key
  2. open a cocoa browser like Safari and
  3. start a script at
  4. switch briefly to address bar
    1. hit ctrl+a (goes to start of line)
    2. hit ctrl+d (characters get deleted 1 at a time)
    3. hit escape
  5. switch to script area and try same thing (whole lines get munched!)
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Are you talking about in a web view, or…? – Peter Hosey Sep 27 '12 at 15:39
When editing the script in a web browser, so an edit view I guess. – dvdrtrgn Sep 30 '12 at 11:56

If you mean while you're working on your program in that editor, press the forward-delete key. On Apple's laptops and wireless keyboard, it's fn-delete (where by “delete”, I mean the backward delete, the key that is a.k.a. “backspace”).

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I may have to accept that. I just much prefer to keep my fingers on the home-keys. That's what makes the emacs shortcuts (available in 95% of OSX apps) so nice. – dvdrtrgn Sep 30 '12 at 11:50
They're available wherever the text editing is being run by Cocoa (because Cocoa implements them). In a web-based editor, the web page is what's running it. You could try writing a Safari extension to patch Google's script, but I would expect it to be a lot of work. – Peter Hosey Sep 30 '12 at 13:04

You could try KeyRemap4Macbook.

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Today I noticed that this problem no longer exists. So when editing a script file in the macro editor, emacs shortcuts WORK as expected. I cannot tell if they simply removed a bug or override, or actually patched it to work.

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