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I have a winform application which has 21 video files and they'e path is set as applicaton.startupPath like this ...

vpath[0] = Application.StartupPath + @"\v00.m4v";
        vpath[1] = Application.StartupPath + @"\v01.m4v";
        vpath[2] = Application.StartupPath + @"\v02.m4v";
        vpath[3] = Application.StartupPath + @"\v03.m4v";
        vpath[4] = Application.StartupPath + @"\v04.m4v";
        vpath[5] = Application.StartupPath + @"\v05.m4v";
        vpath[6] = Application.StartupPath + @"\v06.m4v";
        vpath[7] = Application.StartupPath + @"\v07.m4v";
        vpath[8] = Application.StartupPath + @"\v08.m4v";
        vpath[9] = Application.StartupPath + @"\v09.m4v";
        vpath[10] = Application.StartupPath + @"\v10.m4v";
        vpath[11] = Application.StartupPath + @"\v11.m4v";
        vpath[12] = Application.StartupPath + @"\v12.m4v";
        vpath[13] = Application.StartupPath + @"\v13.m4v";
        vpath[14] = Application.StartupPath + @"\v14.m4v";
        vpath[15] = Application.StartupPath + @"\v15.m4v";
        vpath[16] = Application.StartupPath + @"\v16.m4v";
        vpath[17] = Application.StartupPath + @"\v17.m4v";
        vpath[18] = Application.StartupPath + @"\v18.m4v";
        vpath[19] = Application.StartupPath + @"\v19.m4v";
        vpath[20] = Application.StartupPath + @"\v20.m4v";

now if a user wants to change those videos then he have to name it as v00 to v20. now if a user add video with different format then how can i change the path?? is it possible to change it on run time? if yes then how??

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What is this ? "if a user wants to change those videos then he have to name it as v00 to v20" –  Sami Sep 27 '12 at 6:11
yes. bcoz i am setting the application.startuppath like that. my question is can i set the application.startuppath on the run time for this many videos ?? –  Drone Sep 27 '12 at 6:18
Off course you can do almost anything at runtime. e.g. vpath[19] = Application.StartupPath + @"\abc.flv"; is this what you want? –  Sami Sep 27 '12 at 6:33
i am already doing this. what i want is user will include a video and it will be taken as application.startuopath –  Drone Sep 27 '12 at 6:53
Share your code of video addition by user and I will add the path. If you don't want to share for any reason then : if you are using array of strings, use List of strings instead and on adding a video by user just increase your list as list.Add(Application.StartupPath + @"\v"+list.count+"."+userFileName.Split('.')[userFileName.Split('.').Length-1] you will this value in list[21] as Application.StartupPath + @"\vListcount.extention"; –  Sami Sep 27 '12 at 7:33

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StartupPath is not a regular variable. In fact, it is not variable at all and also it cannot be "written", it is a get-only property.

Actually, you can change that property result value by copying the main executable file into required directory and re-runing it from there, but what's th point?

Navigate to Path, Directory and File classes to learn how to play with the file system.

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you can add another variable to your code

public string VideoPath;

initialize it with

VideoPath = Application.StartupPath;

and than change it as you wish

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i am not sure this going to work the way i want –  Drone Sep 27 '12 at 6:07
if you describe your needs in other words, I'll try to help –  Pavel Shageev Sep 27 '12 at 6:42

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