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I have tried everything to make the i18n Fallback on Heroku but I couldn't. I don't want to get the "translation missing messages". It work OK on developement mode.

Please help!


require "i18n/backend/fallbacks"
I18n::Backend::Simple.send(:include, I18n::Backend::Fallbacks)
I18n.fallbacks.map(:es => [:en])
config.i18n.fallbacks = true
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According to what I know, to use fallback, you must pass a default value to I18n. See github.com/svenfuchs/i18n/wiki/Fallbacks. If it can't found any value, it will show the the "translation missing messages". –  Blue Smith Sep 27 '12 at 10:40

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In config/enviroments/production.rb

class Appname::Application.configure do
  # Enable locale fallbacks for I18n (makes lookups for any locale fall back to
  # the I18n.default_locale when a translation can not be found)
  config.i18n.fallbacks = true

how to use rails i18n fallback features

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this works on development, but not on heroku. –  Daniel Rodriguez Mendez Sep 30 '12 at 4:32

I have this in my application.rb file:

config.i18n.fallbacks = [:en]

and I just commented this code in production.rb:

config.i18n.fallbacks = true

and it's working ok for me in heroku.

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