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My HQL select query is like below

     select, from User user

In this query, if user.address is NULL then query does not return that User record.

My requirement is, if user.address is NULL then should return all User record with '' (empty value) for and records should be like below

[1,''], [2,1], [3,'']...

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Faced similar problem today. The problem here is that hibernate will produce inner join address SQL.

select as col_0_0_, as col_1_0_ from user user0_
    inner join address address1_ on

As the result of inner hoin you will loose all the records where address is null. Use explicit left join to achieve what you need. HQL:

select, from User user left join user.address addr
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thanks for replying. Found the exact answer for such stuff.

select, case when user.address is null then '' else end 
from User user

this case clause in select clause works like if else

if (user.address == null)
   return "";

in this way you will get all records. :) Now enjoy coding :)

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You can use 'coalesce' command (like the "nvl" SQL command).

As can be read here:

The equivalent to the nvl command in HQL is the coalesce command. coalesce(a,b) will return a if a is not null, otherwise b.

So you would want something on the lines of:

from Table where col1 = coalesce(:par1, 'asdf')

Edit: In your case I assume you are looking for something like:

select, coalesce(, '') from User user

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if user.address is NULL then its not returning User record. :( – Santosh Ganacharya Sep 27 '12 at 6:58

If that's the only case, you can do something like this:

select, from User user

This will give you all records when user.address is not null.

You can now have this, to have the rest of the records:

select, '' from User user when user.addresss is null
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making two queries is not always a natural choice e.g. if there are more than one such field in question (,, user.preferences.private etc) – Mohamad Fakih Aug 30 '13 at 13:13

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