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I'm trying to learn how to create a facebook canvas app using ruby/rails and develop it locally.

I create a new demo app and launch the server on my local machine at localhost:3000 then I create a new facebook app and point the Canvas URL to localhost:3000. Note that I check the sandbox enabled option and do not provide a secure Canvas URL.

As I try to access the app's Canvas page on facebook I see the following error displayed:

Routing Error

No route matches [POST] "/"

Try running rake routes for more information on available routes.

Note that when I access the app locally at localhost:3000 I do not get the error. I just simply see the usual default "Welcome Aboard" page from a newly created rails app.

Can anyone please pinpoint me to a solution or set of proper instructions on how to set up a local environment for fb canvas development? Any help would be much appreciated.

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Your server or app isn't configured correctly to process the HTTP POST request from Facebook - I'm not familiar with how rails is configured but this blog post seems to offer a workaround:

Note that the initial request to load your app will always be a POST request - this contains a signed_request value with data your app uses to know who the current users is - has more details

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