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I am using phpExcel library.I have an export script working fine which fetch all data from a MySQL table.Now the MySQL table has a row called product_info which contains HTML tags and styles.

Now how can I render those styles for that just one row, which contain HTML elements like <font color="Red">Hello</font>. This HTML tags varies. So how can I render them?

Please advise

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You can't. You could parse the HTML markup and use it to build a rich text object, that you could then set as the content of a cell; but there is no conversion from HTML to rich text built into PHPExcel itself, so you'd need to do that by hand.

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Ack, noticed your answer in 2010 about this: - is it still that low on the priority list? Boohoo now I have to actually work :) – aditya menon Dec 15 '12 at 22:34
@aditya - It's still low on the priority list... noone has yet provided a patch to do this, and I've not had time to write one... I've only just got UTF-8 working in Rich Text objects for the Excel5 Writer – Mark Baker Dec 15 '12 at 22:49

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