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There area few sites which get redirected to some other links when i visit them.

e.g. when i am logged in through facebook from my browser and if i simultaneously open an another tab in which i open any site (say which supports FbLogin feature, then the site gets automatically redirected to the login page and i am automatically logged in.

How can i Force websites from getting redirected, and alternatively how can i force them to get redirected to the page i want to.

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Yes I can . Which platform you use , I dont know . But I try to tell it in php . First download the php sdk from

Then create a folder lethe , and create a subfolder "lib" in your directory. To lib folder copy and paste the src folder in sdk .

Then create a file in lethe .

 <? require 'lib/facebook.php';
    $facebook = new Facebook(array(
  'appId'  => 'yourAppId',
  'secret' => 'YourAppSecret',
    $userIns = $facebook->getUser();
    if(!$userIns) { header("location:")} 

   else {
// Here The Code When you realise that user use your api and can open the user session
//@ your site , maybe bring him name and surname from graph.api or via sql query from your //db


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If you can success to reach the facebook cookie (you can find it in facebook developers) then with php or other languages , you can find out if facebook session open or close , then you can redirect . The other way is search "OPENID".

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can you elaborate more on the first one? –  vipin8169 Sep 27 '12 at 6:48

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