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Background: I'm just getting started with scikit-learn, and read at the bottom of the page about joblib, versus pickle.

it may be more interesting to use joblib’s replacement of pickle (joblib.dump & joblib.load), which is more efficient on big data, but can only pickle to the disk and not to a string

I read this Q&A on Pickle, Common use of pickle in Python and wonder if the community here can share the differences between joblib and pickle? When should one use one over another?

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joblib is usually significantly faster on large numpy arrays because it has a special handling for the array buffers of the numpy datastructure. To find about the implementation details you can have a look at the source code. It can also compress that data on the fly while pickling using zlib.

joblib also makes it possible to memory map the data buffer of a uncompressed joblib-pickled numpy array when loading it which makes it possible to share memory between processes.

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Thanks a lot! This is helpful. – msunbot Sep 27 '12 at 10:24

I came across same question, so i tried this one as i need to load a large pickle file

#comapare pickle loaders
from time import time
import pickle
import os
   import cPickle
   print "Cannot import cPickle"
import joblib

t1 = time()
lis = []
d = pickle.load(open("classi.pickle","r"))
print "time for loading file size with pickle", os.path.getsize("classi.pickle"),"KB =>", time()-t1

t1 = time()
print "time for loading file size with cpickle", os.path.getsize("classi.pickle"),"KB =>", time()-t1

t1 = time()
print "time for loading file size joblib", os.path.getsize("classi.pickle"),"KB =>", time()-t1

Output for this is

time for loading file size with pickle 1154320653 KB => 6.75876188278
time for loading file size with cpickle 1154320653 KB => 52.6876490116
time for loading file size joblib 1154320653 KB => 6.27503800392

According to this joblib works better than cPickle and Pickle module from these 3 modules. Thanks

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