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I have done some research, also checked answer on stackoverflow. However i just cant get my code right, please help. the code can run, but i cant get the image, it shows 0kb.

Socket socket = new Socket(addr, port);  

byte [] buffer = new byte[1024];

PrintWriter writer = new PrintWriter(socket.getOutputStream(), true);

writer.println("GET " + url.getFile() + " HTTP/1.0\r\n");
writer.println("HOST:" + url.getHost() + "\r\n");

DataInputStream in = new DataInputStream(socket.getInputStream());
ByteArrayOutputStream out = new ByteArrayOutputStream();

int n = 0;
while (-1!=(n=in.read(buffer)))
     out.write(buffer, 0, n);
byte[] response = out.toByteArray();
FileOutputStream fos = new FileOutputStream("0.jpeg");
}catch (Exception e){
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@PrimosK: please read the homework tag wiki –  Mat Sep 27 '12 at 10:00

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Using raw sockets to perform an HTTP GET is much more complicated than necessary. I recommend using an HTTP client like the one from Apache or you can use java.net.URLConnection. See How do I do a HTTP GET in Java? or How to use java.net.URLConnection to fire and handle HTTP requests?

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thanks, this is my homework, only can use socket. i dont have many choice to use url connection. –  onegun Sep 27 '12 at 7:09

Your code doesn't have any obvious flaws. If you're getting a zero length file, it's because you aren't sending anything.

BTW you don't need the ByteArrayOutputStream. You can write everything you read directly to the FileOutputStream. Saves both time and space.

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