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I want to compile the asterisk with SRTP library but in configuring the asterisk code, I get this error:

checking for the ability of -lsrtp to be linked in a shared object... no
configure: WARNING: ***
configure: WARNING: *** libsrtp could not be linked as a shared object.
configure: WARNING: *** Try compiling libsrtp manually. Configure libsrtp
configure: WARNING: *** with ./configure CFLAGS=-fPIC --prefix=/usr
configure: WARNING: *** replacing /usr with the prefix of your choice.
configure: WARNING: *** After re-installing libsrtp
configure: WARNING: *** configure script.
configure: WARNING: ***
configure: WARNING: *** If you do not need SRTP support re-run configure
configure: WARNING: *** with the --without-srtp option.

Also this is the code that checks this rule:

if test "$PBX_SRTP" = "1";


    LIBS="${LIBS} -lsrtp"
    LDFLAGS="${LDFLAGS} -shared -fPIC"
    AC_MSG_CHECKING(for the ability of -lsrtp to be linked in a shared object)
            [#include <srtp/srtp.h>],

    [ AC_MSG_RESULT(yes) ],
        AC_MSG_NOTICE(*** libsrtp could not be linked as a shared object)
        AC_MSG_NOTICE(*** try compiling libsrtp manually and configuring with)
        AC_MSG_NOTICE(*** ./configure CFLAGS=-fPIC --prefix=/usr)
        AC_MSG_NOTICE(*** replacing /usr with the prefix of your choice)
        exit 1

Commit detail: https://reviewboard.asterisk.org/r/857/diff/

I try several prefixes for compiling the libsrtp code but I get the same result. Any suggestion?

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The warning says that it can't link with libsrtp because libsrtp's code needs to be relocatable, just like a shared library, and it seems that you're compiling libsrtp as a static library, I'd do as it suggests and re-build libsrtp using:

./configure CFLAGS=-fPIC

I've also tried that here and it worked, note that I've used the default prefix /use/local/lib when building libsrtp

./configure --with-srtp=/usr/local/lib
checking for srtp_init in -lsrtp... yes
checking srtp/srtp.h usability... yes
checking srtp/srtp.h presence... yes
checking for srtp/srtp.h... yes
checking for the ability of -lsrtp to be linked in a shared object... yes
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in SRTP folder:

make uninstall
make clean
./configure CFLAGS=-fPIC --prefix=/usr/local/lib
make runtest
make install

in Asterisk folder:

 cd ../../asterisk/asterisk-11.3.0/
./configure --with-srtp=/usr/local/lib

This worked for me

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This worked for me. Thank you. –  Lavixu Nov 18 '14 at 6:54

Build script check for a simple call to srtp_init() to be compilable, in order to this be valid you should have a folder that contain <srtp> in the path of include files and created .a library in path of linker. So after creating libsrtp put your prefix in the linker path

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